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Ritchies IGA New Lambton for Pep Tea Kombucha

Pep Tea brand Organic Sugar free Kombucha 350ml Bottles stocked at Ritchies IGA New Lambton

Ritchies IGA just re-opened their New Lambton store this month after renovations. Wow! its a nice big supermarket with lots of extras that you don’t get at other suburban IGA stores. There is plenty of off street parking and a lot of undercover parking. The first thing you notice from the undercover parking entrance is their huge liquor store with great prices. A nice easy place to pick up your beer, wines and spirits or alcohol without the hassle of parking. Its a better bottle shop.

Something you might like, to give your cocktails a lift, is the Pep Tea brand kombucha carried in-store above. Pep Tea’s Kombucha flavors are perfect cocktail mixers for fruity or for alcoholic cocktails.

Buy Pep Tea organic sugar free kombucha at Ritchies newly re-opened IGA & liquor store at New Lambton NSW – Four Flavors, only $3.20 for larger 350ml bottles.
If you live in other locations buy bulk kombucha for delivery to Sydney Melbourne or Brisbane suburbs overnight.
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Delicious Kombucha Cocktails can be fruity and Non-Alcoholic

Pep Tea’s effervescent Kombucha is organic and naturally flavored so they make perfect healthy non-alcoholic fruity cocktails, that are really good for you.  

So make your Cocktail with an effervescent Kombucha from Pep Tea Australia.

Apple Pomegranate is a great fruity flavor for red cocktails.

If you prefer an alcoholic version like a Moscow Mule you will find our kombucha is a perfect drinks mixer.

Two Kombucha Cocktails and with Apple pomegranate
Kombucha Cocktails Australia

Now you can buy kombucha in bulk online in Australia from $1.80 for Australia’s best Kombucha s featured om ABC’s Landline,

Harris Farm Markets New Cook Hill Store Newcastle

Harris Farm Markets Pep Tea brand Organic kombucha tea

Harris Farm Markets Pep Tea brand organic kombucha tea

Harris Farm Markets have moved their Newcastle store from Glendale to a huge new multi faceted market place in Darby St, Cooke Hill, an inner Newcastle NSW suburb.

The new complex is a breath of fresh air and includes a cafe and florist/nursery, plus a fish market, a butchery, a bakery, a milk bar, extensive deli shelves with a massive cheese selection and wonderful decor though out the old warehouse conversion.

Please read the full review at Opera Foods Gourmet and Organic news food blog. Through Our parent company Opera Foods, we are a long term supplier to Harris Farm Markets and proud to be associated. We are also glad to see the extent to which Harris Farm Markets deliberately support other local producers and grocery manufacturers instead of oppressing them like the major supermarkets do. If you dont have a Harris Farm Markets store near you you can buy kombucha in bulk online as well as other Opera brands stocked by them.

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Ice Cold Ginger Kombucha from Pep Tea

Ice Cold Ginger Kombucha from Pep Tea

Ice Cold Ginger Kombucha from Pep Tea

Pep Tea flavours it’s kombucha tea with distilled natural fruit or in the case of Ginger flavour, root essences, to keep it organic and natural.

Ginger essence is a widely loved and zingy refreshing taste that makes a big difference for your thirst. So put some Pep into your Step with a healthy, Sugar Free, Ginger flavoured Kombucha from Pep Tea Australia’s best kombucha.

Pep Tea’s Kombucha drinks are; organic, Sugar Free, Low GI, Low Carb, Gluten Free, Non GMO, Dairy Free, raw and unpasteurised, and loaded with natural probiotics that are naturally developed in the fermentation and brewing cycle.

Pep Tea kombucha drinks a ”shelf Stable”  and so require no refrigeration until opened.

You can Buy Pep Tea Ginger kombucha online in bulk for overnight delivery at wholesale distributor Opera Foods.
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Pep Tea a Refreshing Alternative for Warm Spring Afternoons

Pep Tea kombucha

Pep Tea organic kombucha

Would you enjoy a nice refreshing cold kombucha fruity cocktail on a warm spring afternoon?

Make it a Pep Tea brand organic kombucha, a raw live kombucha that is authentic and loaded with real fermented and brewed kombucha tea probiotics.

Pep Tea flavours are made with real distilled fruit essences and are multi filtered. You won’t find them way too gassy like other kombucha brands.

Pep Tea organic kombucha, in four tried and tested flavours is Sugar Free. Now available from Harris Farm Markets (after winning the taste test of the short listed kombucha brands) in a take home 12 pack at a price that will surprise you for the larger 350ml bottles that have been featured on ABC TV’s Landline for their quality and authentication.

Put Some Pep in Your Step.

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Pep Tea Kombucha now at Harris Farm Markets

Pep Tea brand kombucha now at Harris Fam

Pep Tea brand kombucha now at Harris Fam

Following their research of the Kombucha brands, Harris Farm completed A blind taste test of the finalists and chose Pep Tea brand hands down.

Pep Tea’s 4 flavours are known for their tasty refreshing flavour and for their real raw kombucha quality control and authentic real (brewed and fermented) probiotics following Pep Tea being featured on ABC’ Landline recently

Pep Tea have also targeted value for money using larger size 350ml individual serve bottles and recycle-able PET bottles that both get the price per serve down to a level that thrashes their competitors. Having the best quality and best tasting product of course helps them get the volume up and price down.

Harris Farm Market not only sell Pep Tea’s 4 organic kombucha flavours by the bottle but they also offer a budget cost 12 pack for families to take home a bulk buy.

Apple Pomegranate Organic Kombucha a Perfect Cocktail Mixer

Pep Tea Apple Pomegranate Organic kombucha

Pep Tea Apple Pomegranate Organic kombucha

Apple & Pomegranate flavour is an organic kombucha from Australia’s Pep Tea Brand.

As featured on ABC’s Landline recently Pep Tea organic kombucha is brewed in the Hunter Valley NSW.
Apple Pomegranate makes a delicious cocktail on its own with a little fresh fruit, but is also a perfect mixer for many types of cocktails.

Buy Pep Tea brand organic kombucha direct from Australian fine food Wholesalers Opera Foods.

“Put some Pep in your step”

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Pep Tea’s Australian Kombucha Reviewed on Landline

Flavor Organic Kombucha as featured on Landline

Pep Tea’s Australian Kombucha Reviewed on Landline, the ABC’s longstanding regional review TV program this week. The review or article, specifically features Jeff Low’s purpose built Hunter Valley kombucha brewery. This brewery contract manufactures most of the major brands of Australian Kombucha including Pep Tea organic kombucha.

Authentic Kombucha that is Raw & Alive with Real Probiotics.

Landline’s Kombucha review shows us around Jeff’s brewery and bottling plant during the manufacture of a run of the Pep Tea organic Mango flavor. The Landline interview with kombucha guru Jeff Low highlights the things that make the products he brews authentic kombucha that is a raw live product. Products brimming with real fermented tea kombucha probiotics that give the gut health benefits that kombucha drinkers are looking for.

Raw Not Pasturised

A real kombucha offers raw live healthy bacteria for gut health and is never Pasteurised.

Certified Organic & Shelf Stable

Jeff also emphasized that his products were carefully made only with natural and organic ingredients. Are certified by the Australian Certified Organic organization. Are scientifically perfected and filtered to make them low sediment and Shelf Stable so that they need no refrigeration until opened. Shelf stable is an important consideration for retailers. Shelf Stable means products like Pep Tea Organic Kombucha only takes up 4 lines (4 flavors) of valuable display fridge space. This is because the rest of the carton can go in a storeroom, not needing refrigeration.

Quite simply Pep Tea’s Organic kombuchas in the four most popular flavors, are the best a kombucha can be.

Here is the story of Australian Kombucha Reviewed on Landline.

Australian Kombucha Reviewed on Landline:-

Australian Organic Beverages – ABC Landline

Call for Regulation of the Kombucha production industry.

Along with real kombucha manufacturer Jeff Low, Pep Tea would like to call for regulation of the industry. Mainly to stop other players from offering products that are not true kombucha products or have probiotics added to them after the fact and so are not a true kombucha product. Another clear example is where a law suit was filed in the US against KeVita, owned by PepsiCo who were pasteurizing the product. Pasteurization is a process by which bacteria in food is killed by applying heat. Whereas the desirable health benefit of a Kombucha is the healthy bacteria enhanced through the fermentation process. Other cases have been brought in the USA where the low sugar content of kombucha products have been exaggerated.

NB: Pep Tea is a division of Opera Foods. Retailers and distributors seeking Organic Shelf Stable kombucha are invited to register for Wholesale access on Opera Foods website. Opera Foods offers gourmet and organic brands that are not offered in the major supermarkets to discerning food retailers and distributors around Australia.

Australian Kombucha Reviewed on Landline. Use an authentic Kombucha, Pep Tea organic Kombucha. Read more about Kombucha history here.

Pep Tea Kombucha Goes Zero Sugar

Organic Kombucha Tea - Pomegranate and Apple

Pep Tea Organic Kombucha Tea – Pomegranate and Apple

Pep Tea are pleased to announce that our four popular kombucha flavors are about to go Sugar Free (Pep Tea – Sugar Free). Actually the head brewer has confirmed now that for 6 months in a row our kombucha flavours have been independently testing Zero Sugar. So our label is actually out of date as the product is Sugar free.

Our labels currently say that we have a meager 2.7% sugar however the reality is its actually zero sugar. It will take us a few days to get our labels re-designed and reprinted. However we thought our regular users would be glad to know in advance that their are getting a sugar free product.

Pep Tea – “Put some Pep in your step”

Forget those other vinegar tasting kombucha that feel like medicine. Properly brewed Kombucha converts all sugars to amino acids and the sparkling effervescent bubbles helps, so you have a tasty satisfying flavored kombucha without the need for a sugar content.  You can buy kombucha in bulk online that is tasty and sugar free.

Free Sample Pep Tea Organic Kombucha – IGA Wentworth Point

Come down to the new IGA Market Central supermarket at Wentworth Point, located at 1 Burroway Road, right opposite the Sydney Olympic Park Ferry Wharf for sampling this weekend.

IGA Market Central are opening a massive new supermarket with an enormous continental deli. The supermarket not only includes a bakery, butchery and full continental deli but also  includes 4 other complimentary stores within including a Cafe,  and a  bottle shop. A gourmets delight.

Pep Tea are just one of the many gourmet food suppliers sampling the products that are stocked in the huge deli. We welcome you to try one of our four exciting new organic kombucha tea drinks.

Pep Tea kombucha is a refreshing change to many home style kombucha as it is brewed in a new purpose built kombucha brewery, where it is filtered after brewing making it low in sediment and naturally flavoured so its a refreshing drink that is actually good for you.  (Still retaining it properties of being high in antioxidants and probiotics as a health drink, yet very low in carbs and sugar).

Jon Doumbos with Aniko Silk sampling Pep Tea Kombucha

If you cant get to this store you can buy our brand online try and buy organic kombucha in bulk online here.

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