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Pep Tea Kombucha Goes Zero Sugar

Organic Kombucha Tea - Pomegranate and Apple
Pep Tea Organic Kombucha Tea – Pomegranate and Apple

Pep Tea are pleased to announce that our four popular kombucha flavors are about to go Sugar Free (Pep Tea – Sugar Free). Actually the head brewer has confirmed now that for 6 months in a row our kombucha flavours have been independently testing Zero Sugar. So our label is actually out of date as the product is Sugar free.

Our labels currently say that we have a meager 2.7% sugar however the reality is its actually zero sugar. It will take us a few days to get our labels re-designed and reprinted. However we thought our regular users would be glad to know in advance that their are getting a sugar free product.

Pep Tea – “Put some Pep in your step”

Forget those other vinegar tasting kombucha that feel like medicine. Properly brewed Kombucha converts all sugars to amino acids and the sparkling effervescent bubbles helps, so you have a tasty satisfying flavored kombucha without the need for a sugar content.  You can buy kombucha in bulk online that is tasty and sugar free.