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Dont Tax Sugar – Drink Pep Tea Kombucha Instead of Soft Drinks

Australia’s government is receiving renewed calls to introduce a tax as high as 20% on sugar #SUGARTAX by advocates from by a coalition of health groups who are demanding immediate action to counter the obesity rise in Australia’s population.

The Directors of Pep Tea, an Australian business that has recently launched 4 flavoured organic #kombucha drinks with a very low sugar and carb content, which also have health benefits, and are priced as a clear alternative to soft drinks (at $2.95 RRP for 350ml Bottle), says that the Australian government needs to be more pro-active in supporting the many businesses in Australia striving to develop and promote healthy food products by making such products GST exempt or providing real tax incentives for such businesses.

Organic Kombucha Tea - Lime Ginger Cinnamon
Organic Kombucha Tea – Lime Ginger Cinnamon

The executive manager of Obesity Policy Coalition , Jane Martin said “while 63 per cent of Australian adults and 27 per cent of children were either overweight or obese, there is still no national strategy addressing the issue”.

Pep Tea’s flavoured Kombuchas’s are 100% certified organic and are naturally flavoured. They are brewed here in Australia by a 100% Australian owned business.

They are also:- low sugar, low carb,  low calorie and low GI. They are also fat free, preservative free,  lactose free,  GMP free and Gluten Free. They are shelf stable and don’t need refrigeration until opened.

Pep Tea’s organic Kombucha tea drinks which are rich in amino acids, probiotics, and antioxidants, trace minerals and B vitamins, offer great health benefits over soft drinks.