Free Sample Pep Tea Organic Kombucha – IGA Wentworth Point

Come down to the new IGA Market Central supermarket at Wentworth Point, located at 1 Burroway Road, right opposite the Sydney Olympic Park Ferry Wharf for sampling this weekend.

IGA Market Central are opening a massive new supermarket with an enormous continental deli. The supermarket not only includes a bakery, butchery and full continental deli but also  includes 4 other complimentary stores within including a Cafe,  and a  bottle shop. A gourmets delight.

Pep Tea are just one of the many gourmet food suppliers sampling the products that are stocked in the huge deli. We welcome you to try one of our four exciting new organic kombucha tea drinks.

Pep Tea kombucha is a refreshing change to many home style kombucha as it is brewed in a new purpose built kombucha brewery, where it is filtered after brewing making it low in sediment and naturally flavoured so its a refreshing drink that is actually good for you.  (Still retaining it properties of being high in antioxidants and probiotics as a health drink, yet very low in carbs and sugar).

Jon Doumbos with Aniko Silk sampling Pep Tea Kombucha

If you cant get to this store you can buy our brand online try and buy organic kombucha in bulk online here.