Supreme Organic Matcha From Pep Tea

Order online now, Supreme 30g – Organic Matcha Green Tea from Pep Tea is the highest grade of Matcha Tea available.
All Matcha tea powders from Pep Tea are the real thing, 100% imported from Japan and certified organic.  Matcha tea is made by drying and grinding the fresh green leaves of the tea plant into a fine powder so that consumers ingest the whole of the healthy tea leaves.

Organic Matcha
Japanese ceremonial grade Organic Matcha Tea Powder

High grade ceremonial match tea powder is made by taking the first flush of new leaves after letting them grow in the shade for the last few weeks of their growth. This gives us the sweeter refined taste and then they are ground with a stone to make them really fine granules that melt quickly into a refines cup of tea. Pep Tea only imports teas form selected old tea plantations in the southern Japan regions that are certified organic .
If you are going to give a gourmet gift make it the real deal. Make it authentic Japanese organic ceremonial matcha tea powder.