Pep Tea Organic Kombucha At Peters of Kensington

Todd Lee manager of the beautiful cafe in Peters of Kensington at Birkenhead Point store has added 3 of the excellent organic kombucha drinks from Pep Tea to their menu.


350ml Organic Kombucha from Pep Tea


Kombucha is the most important health drinks to hit the Australian Market but Pep Tea have gone one step better. Pep Tea’s Kombucha tea drinks are not only 100% Australian Certified Organic, but they are filtered after the brewing stage to make a low sediment drink that with a small amount of natural flavoring makes it a nice drink even though its very low in sugar and carbs.

Pep Tea’s larger 350ml bottles are shelf stable and so do not need refrigeration until after they are opened. Space is important in retailing especially fridge space.

Peters of Kensington invites you to drop by their beautiful Birkenhead Cafe and meet Todd and his team and order a refreshing Pep Tea Kombucha. A drink that is actually good for you.