Pep Tea Kombucha – Best Quality Best Price

Organic Kombucha

Pep Tea’s Kombucha is exclusively distributed by Opera Foods. Opera wholesales a number of organic grocery products direct to the consumer from their online store as well as being a distributor of gourmet grocery lines to Australian gourmet grocers and delicatessens.

The Pep Tea Kombucha is brewed in a modern HACCP certified brewery that uses exacting instruments and modern brewing practices from a highly experienced brewer to get a perfect kombucha every time. Pep Tea’s four flavours have been narrowed down from a wide variety that have been market tested and so we offer Australia’s favorite four kombucha tea flavours:- Ginger, Mango, Pomagranate  Apple, and Lime Ginger Cinnamon.

Pep Tea kombucha is raw and alive and has consistent great flavours. Even so, they dont have high levels of cloud and sediment. They are Australian Certified Organic. They are low sugar, low carb, low calorie and low GI. They are also fat free, preservative free, lactose free, GMP free and Gluten Free. They are shelf stable and dont need refrigeration until opened. Kombucha offers great health benefits over other brews.

A good Kombucha is a perfect drink to replace soft drinks and also a perfect mixer. Drink Pep Tea, its the best Kombucha.