Pep Tea a Refreshing Alternative for Warm Spring Afternoons

Pep Tea kombucha
Pep Tea organic kombucha

Would you enjoy a nice refreshing cold kombucha fruity cocktail on a warm spring afternoon?

Make it a Pep Tea brand organic kombucha, a raw live kombucha that is authentic and loaded with real fermented and brewed kombucha tea probiotics.

Pep Tea flavours are made with real distilled fruit essences and are multi filtered. You won’t find them way too gassy like other kombucha brands.

Pep Tea organic kombucha, in four tried and tested flavours is Sugar Free. Now available from Harris Farm Markets (after winning the taste test of the short listed kombucha brands) in a take home 12 pack at a price that will surprise you for the larger 350ml bottles that have been featured on ABC TV’s Landline for their quality and authentication.

Put Some Pep in Your Step.

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